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4/17/19  Today’s Haiku  (April 17, 2019)


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Uploaded 3500th today!!

Thank you for visiting and sharing.

Fay Aoyagi


October 26, 2018

San Francisco, CA




Tanka Translation 100th tanka uploaded!


In January 2009, I started translating tanka from “Gendai Tanka no Kansho 101” (Apreciation of Modern Tanka 101), an anthology written and edited by Ken Kodaka.  It took longer than I thought, but I am happy to announce that the mission was completed at last!

Since I do not write tanka and some poets use classic Japanese, I found tanka translation more difficult than haiku translation.   From now on (at least for a while), this blog will concentrate on haiku. 

I appreciate your support and encouragement in the past 3 years! 

Fay Aoyagi

November 30, 2011, San Francisco



Today’s Haiku (April 17, 2019)

春の夢見るために乗る宇宙船  中田水光

haru no yume miru tame ni noru uchûsen

in order to have

a spring dream

I ride a spaceship

                                                Suiko Nakada

from “Haiku-kai” (“Haiku World,” a monthly haiku magazine), February 2017 Issue, Bungaku No Mori, Tokyo

Today’s Haiku (April 16, 2019)

花の種ふつと蠢きゐたるかに  辻 恵美子

hana no tane futto ugomekiitaru kani

            flower seeds

            as though they were

            wiggling unexpectedly

                                                            Minako Tsuji

from “Haiku-kai” (“Haiku World,” a monthly haiku magazine), February 2017 Issue, Bungaku No Mori, Tokyo

Today’s Haiku (April 15, 2019)

凧糸の白のひとすぢ身より出て   桂 信子

takoito no shiro no hitosuji mi yori dete

            one white string

            of a kite

            out from the body

                                                Nobuko Katsura

from “Haiku Dai-Saijiki” (“Comprehensive Haiku Saijiki”), Kadokawa Shoten, Tokyo, 2006

Fay’s Note:  Nobuko Katsura (1914-2004)    ‘kite’ is a spring kigo.

Today’s Haiku (April 14, 2019)

一瞬の命も一生しやぼん玉  佐藤文子

isshun no inochi mo isshô shabondama

            an instant life

            is a life, too

            soap bubbles

                                                Ayako Sato

from ‘Haidan,’ (‘Haiku Stage’) a monthly haiku magazine, June 2017 Issue, Honami Shoten, Tokyo

Today’s Haiku (April 13, 2019)

あたたかな暮しのなかに来る忌日 太田うさぎ

atatakana kurashi no naka ni kuru kijitsu

            into a daily life

            with spring warmth

            a death anniversary comes

                                                            Usagi Ohta

from ‘Mame No Ki,’ (‘Pea Tree’)、No. 21, May 2017 issue, Tokyo

Today’s Haiku (April 12, 2019)

夜桜は闇夜を吸ひて蒼くなる  岩田暁子

yozakura wa yamiyo o suite aokunaru

            night cherry blossoms breathe

            a pitch black night

            and become blue

                                                            Gyoko Iwata

from ‘Haidan,’ (‘Haiku Stage’) a monthly haiku magazine, October 2017 Issue, Honami Shoten, Tokyo