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Today’s Haiku (November 2, 2015)

灯台の高さを飛んで秋燕   細見綾子

tôdai no takasa o tonde akitsubame

            flying at the height

            of a lighthouse

            autumn swallow

                                                Ayako Hosomi

from “Gendai No Haiku” ,  (“Modern Haiku”) edited by Shobin Hirai, Kodansha, Tokyo, Japan, 1996

Fay’s Note:  Ayako Hosomi (1907-1997)

Fay’s Haiku (from haiku I tweeted in June)

cloud computing

a goldfish

and its 1G mail box

Fay Aoyagi (6/13/11)

Fay’s Haiku (from ‘tweeted’ haiku)

Palm Sunday

a card game called


Fay Aoyagi


(tweeted on 4/17/11)

Haiku Playpen: “First Person Shooter” game haiku…!?

(In the past 4 days, I worked for a game company.    I learned new terms like ‘rail shooting,’ ‘first (or ‘third’) person shooting,’ etc.!)

cherry blossom sky

a  fox and a frog

in the ally bombers




young gun

looking for WOWMO

a turtle’s cry




“Close Range Assault”

flipping its tail

Dragon King into clouds





wearing a Giants’ cap

Opening Day tomorrow



a nuance of  ‘chaos’

I didn’t know

April Fools’ Day



a trailer of a new game

mustard blossoms

change into butterflies

 –  Fay Aoyagi

Fay’s Haiku

winter sunset

the Pacific Ocean between

my ‘now’ and ‘then’

            –   Fay Aoyagi

(from haiku I twittered in January, 2011)

I am tweating haiku every day started October 2010.