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Fay’s Haiku (from haiku I tweeted in June)

cloud computing

a goldfish

and its 1G mail box

Fay Aoyagi (6/13/11)

Fay’s Haiku (from ‘tweeted’ haiku)

Palm Sunday

a card game called


Fay Aoyagi


(tweeted on 4/17/11)

Fay’s Haiku

winter sunset

the Pacific Ocean between

my ‘now’ and ‘then’

            –   Fay Aoyagi

(from haiku I twittered in January, 2011)

I am tweating haiku every day started October 2010.

Fay’s Haiku (from Masiposa 23)

handcuffed lobsters

in the water tank

A-Bomb Anniversary

                                                  Fay Aoyagi

from Mariposa 23, Autumn-Winter 2010, edited by Ebba Story and Susan Antolin

Mariposa is a membership magazine of Haiku Poets of Northern California.  (

Fay’s Haiku (from “In Borrowed Shoes”)


I dress as the self

I left somewhere

Fay Aoyagi

from “In Borrowed Shoes,” Blue Willow Press, 2006