Today’s Haiku (October 2, 2020

百年のキルトの赤や秋の昼  小川涛美子

hyakunen no kiruto no aka ya aki no hiru

            red color

            of 100-year-old quilt—

            autumn afternoon

                                                Sumiko Ogawa                                

from “Haiku Dai-Saijiki” (“Comprehensive Haiku Saijiki”), Kadokawa Shoten, Tokyo, 2006

One response to “Today’s Haiku (October 2, 2020

  1. dear Mr.(Ms.?)aoyagi
    my trancerate way’s much more technical.YOU are simple.cuz poem,i thought difficult.oh,easy.OK.i understood.thank YOU.

    7 seas-of-clouds/G.P.S./CHRIST’s calves.

    ありがとうございます。第三俳號 蛤瀑拙

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