Today’s Haiku (October 4, 2018)

秋風や書かねば言葉消えやすし  野見山朱鳥

akikaze ya kakaneba kotoba kieyasushi

            autumn wind—

            words tend to disappear

            if we don’t write them

                                                                        Asuka Nomiyama

from “Haiku-kai” (“Haiku World,” a monthly haiku magazine),  July 2017 Issue,  , Bungaku No Mori, Tokyo

Fay’s Note:  Asuka Nomiyama (1917-1970)

One response to “Today’s Haiku (October 4, 2018)

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    #Haiku Happenings #7: Fay Aoyagi’s Today’s Haiku features Asuka Nomiyama!

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