Today’s Haiku (February 17, 2017)

雪駄もブーツもエスカレーター左側  箭内 忍

setta mo bûtsu mo eskareitaa hidarigawa

the one wearing ‘setta’ sandals

as well as the one in boots

at the escalator’s left side

                                                Shinobu Yanai

from “Ganymede”, Vol. 62, December 1, 2014 issue,  Dorinsha, Tokyo, Japan

Fay’s Note:   In Japan, left side of the escalator is for ‘standing’ and its right side is for ‘walking down.’  ‘setta’ is Japanese traditional sandals with leather soles.   It was believed that Riku, the tea master in 16th century,  started to wear them on a day with snow.



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