Today’s Haiku (April 27, 2016)

満開の桜を黒き川流る    対馬康子

mankai no sakura o kuroki kawa nagaru

              among cherry blossoms

              in full bloom

              a black river flows

                                          Yasuko Tsushima

from ‘Haiku,’ a monthly haiku magazine, June 2010 Issue, Kabushiki Kaisha Kadokawa, Tokyo

3 responses to “Today’s Haiku (April 27, 2016)

  1. Hello Fay, a beautiful haiku – my kind of haiku!
    Just wondering, I noticed that the author used the classical version of black ‘kuroki’ rather than ‘kuroi.’ is this still the norm these days? Do most modern writers of haiku still use these forms rather than the modern versions?

    • Many Japanese modern writers use ‘kyuu kana’ (classic version of hiragana characters) and uses the classical version of word, such as ‘kuroki,’ instead of ‘kuroi’ as well. Fay

  2. Thanks for that. I will keep an eye out for these instances. Kieran.

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