Today’s Haiku (February 27, 2016)

下萌や小野妹子はひきこもる  さわだかずや
shitamoe ya onono imoko wa hikikomoru

              grass buds shooting up—

              Onono Imoko buries himself

              at home

                                          Kazuya Sawada

from “Shûkan Haiku” (“Haiku Weekly”) #393 11/2/2014 Issue,

Fay’s Note:  Kazuya Sawada (1980-2015)   Onono Imoko was employed by the court in 7th century and traveled to China as a member of the envoy to Sui Dynasty.   In the first envoy, he was accused of his misbehavior – allegedly he lost the letter from Chinese emperor – and lost his dignity.   Later he was promoted and became a respected historical figure.



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