Today’s Haiku (December 31, 2015)

大年の法然院に笹子ゐる  森 澄雄

oôtoshi no hônenin ni sasago iru

              Honenin temple

              on New Year’s Eve

              a baby bush warbler

                                                        Sumio Mori

from “Nihon Dai-Saijiki” (“Japanese Comprehensive Saijiki”) ,  edited by Shuoshi Mizuhara, Shuson Kato and Kenkichi Yamamoto, published by Kodansha, Tokyo, Japan, 1981

Fay’s Note:  Sumio Mor (1919-2010)   ‘sasago’ (literary translation ‘bamboo grass child’) is a winter kigo.   It was believed that a baby bush warbler had to practice in the winter and made a weak, feeble sound under bamboo grass.


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