Today’s Haiku (June 8, 2015)

浦島草何れ尼さんにでもなりますか  前田吐実男

urashimasô dore amasan ni demo narimasu ka

            ‘urashima’ grass…

            will you become

            a nun?

                                                Tomio Maeda

from ‘Haidan,’ (‘Haiku Stage’) a monthly haiku magazine,  July 2013  Issue, Honami Shoten, Tokyo

Fay’s Note:  ‘Urashima’ (or ‘Urashima Taro’) is a folktale character.   The story is similar to Rip van Winkle.  Urashima went to the Sea Castle with an invitation from a tortoise he rescued.   When he came back to the earth, 300 years passed already and everything completely changed.    ‘urashimasô’ is a summer kigo


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