Today’s Haiku (1000 th post!) (November 30, 2011)

千の矢の描く千の弧師走空  青柳 飛

sen no ya no egaku sen no ko shiwazu-zora

                     one thousand trajectories

                     of one thousand arrows—

                     December sky

                                                                             Fay Aoyagi


Fay’s Note: I started “Today’s Haiku” with the following haiku by Kai Hasegawa on January 22, 2009:

息白く歌のことまた弓のこと 長谷川 櫂

iki shiroku uta no koto mata yumi no koto

                                 in white breath

                                 about a poetry

                                 and an archery

                                                                             Kai Hasegawa

from “Kokû” (“The Void”, haiku collection by Kai Hasegawa), 2002, Kashinsha, Tokyo


6 responses to “Today’s Haiku (1000 th post!) (November 30, 2011)

  1. Fay san,Congratulations on your work.

  2. Ha ha ha! How very appropriate! Keep shooting, Fay!

  3. Congratulations. You have struck my haiku (and tanka) target. Thank you very much for all you do. I am richer for it.

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