Today’s Haiku (May 17, 2011)

一泊す白けむりまであるいてついて  阿部完市

ippakusu shiro-kemuri made aruite tsuite

stay for a night

I walked to white vapor

and reached it

                                    Kanichi Abe 

from “Gendai no Haiku” (Modern Haiku), edited by Shobin Hirai, Kodansha, Tokyo, 1996

Fay’s Note:  Kanichi Abe (1928-2009)   This haiku has no kigo and was written in 5-7-7 in Japanese.

3 responses to “Today’s Haiku (May 17, 2011)

  1. snowbirdpress

    Am I mistaken to think the poet is talking about Nirvana? The white vapor blowing out the flame???

    • Merrill: ‘vapor’ made think about Nirgana? Interesting!!! I visualized vapor from a hot spring in the mountain, but Kanichi Abe is famous for avant-garde haiku. You may be write.

  2. snowbirdpress

    Thanks, Fay. It’s an interesting haiku. And I find haiku that can capture something of this sort of longing to be extremely valuable. Many thanks, Merrill

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