Today’s Haiku (February 4, 2011)

波の穂の風に揃はぬ二月かな   鈴木真砂女

nami no ho no kaze ni sorowanu nigatsu kana

ears of waves

uneven in the wind


Masajo Suzuki

from “Gendai Saijiki” (Modern Saijiki), edited by Tôta Kaneko, Momoko Kuroda and Ban’ya Natsuishi, Seisei Shuppan, Tokyo 1997

3 responses to “Today’s Haiku (February 4, 2011)

  1. Merrill Ann Gonzales

    What an ingenious haiku! The shape of the waves like ears? We often think of what the sound of the sea means…but I’ve never given thought to what the sea hears. But then, “ears of waves” may have a meaning all its own that I’m not aware of.

  2. Merrill: ‘ho’ in Japanaese means here is not an ear – an organ for hearing, but ‘an ear of corn .’ I never imagine some one will think about what the sea hears!

  3. Merrill Ann Gonzales

    Fay, When I read the haiku, it brought to mind a haiga I did for Reeds many years ago… ocean breezes -/ an awareness comes/ in a thousand voices
    previously published in Reeds: Contemporary Haiga 2005… I was raised by the shore and have often wondered about the sound of the sea … what could the world be telling me… and when I read this haiga it made me wonder if the sea may also be listening too!?!?! It’s an interesting thought.
    Now that you have given me an entirely different concept to think about it may lead to some understanding … your image is of a sea growing…like waves of grain …
    Funny what words can do …and how enjoyable it is to think about the many places they lead! Many thanks, Merrill

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