Today’s Haiku (January 29, 2011)

寒卵かなしき音を立てにけり   増成栗人

kan-tamago kanashiki oto o tatenikeri

winter egg

it makes a sound

of melancholy

Kurito Masunari

from “Haiku” (a monthly haiku magazine) March 2010 Issue, Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan, Tokyo

3 responses to “Today’s Haiku (January 29, 2011)

  1. Merrill Ann Gonzales

    It sounds like the last egg in the house… and yet there is more here too… the seamless case of the shell… the confinement in the perfection of a form. Yes, I “feel” the sound of melancholy winter brings…
    Also in the cold weather the hens do not lay as much…and perhaps that egg must last for a long time … there is much to read in this haiku. Thanks, Fay… it’s a really good one.

    • Merrill: Japanese haiku poets seem to like a kigo ‘kan-tamago’ (winter egg). I encounter several good haiku using this kigo. In English, ‘kan’ is ‘winter,’ but ‘kan’ (using a character ‘cold’) is a specific time period of winter: January 6-February 4 in our modern calander. After ‘kan’ period, a spring starts.

  2. Merrill Ann Gonzales

    Hi, Fay, It’s perfect for this time of year just before Early Spring of February 4th. I’ve been housebound since the snows began and I have to tell you I’m just about out of food. (Although a friend will be taking me shopping on Feb. 3rd (Happy New Year!) I really felt the sound of melancholy in this one…you surely picked a perfect one for this time of year. Thanks so much for the explanation. Your notes mean a great deal to me and I am thankful for the time and care you give to this blog.

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